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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A happening transition, just makes us smile...

The boys and girls houses, headed towards completion!

The kitchen, thanks to a beautiful, obedient heart -
compelled to make a difference!

Isai, Jose, Claver, Mari and Zef...
working endlessly to make it happen.

These last 2 months have been a beautiful unfolding of the provision and grace of the Lord.  As 2012 began, we looked towards the transition to our land this summer and knew it would take many miracles from God.  From people responding in love and care, giving the little or much they have, materials multiplying, pricings dropping... exchange rates skyrocketing... God had a plan, and as He spoke it - we will be transitioning to our land this July!  Our very own, open heaven.. raining down the love, joy and restoration of a mighty King who loves us.

We are currently looking for collaborations or partnerships to support us in getting basic solar power for electricity and water (through well digging) to help our projects grow towards self sustainablility... and to simply have some electricity in the rural mountains!  Please pray for connections and provision.

On June 9th, we are welcoming a group of volunteers from our very own U.S. Embassy to paint the children's homes... this in fact moved our hearts at their willingness to simply give of their time.  I can imagine, they will enjoy some time out of the office - retreating into the rural mountains! 

Please be praying for our family, The Torres Family - as we are nearing the birth of Isabella, our little girl.  May God lead, speak and show the way...  Until next time!


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